3 Strands Pearl Bronze Faux Women's Beads Necklace

Brand: La Boutique Dacula

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Women's Beads Necklace

  • Beautiful piece. This 3 Strands Pearl Bronze Faux Women's Beads Necklace is a GORGEOUS Vintage necklace.  It has 3 graduated strands of bronze pearls interspersed with bronze faceted beads.  It is set in hematite metal.  It has an absolutely beautiful intricate carving on the clasp, one on every bead in a necklace.  Attached to the clasp is an extra 2 1/2 inches of a necklace so it can be lengthened or shortened from 17" to 18 1/2".
  • It is absolutely versatile as it can be worn in several ways besides being shorter or longer.  The colors are neutral to go with anything, and it can be worn with the clasp in the back, on the side, or right in the front.