Best Way to Organize your Earrings and Store Properly

by Rachel Petit-Bois on June 25, 2020

Best Way to Organize your Earrings 

Organizing your earrings is just an easy task and fun to do here are some of the best the ways on how you can store your earrings and maintain its precious appearance:

Earrings come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from chandelier antique earrings right through to modern stud styles and designs. One of the issues that arise for many women is how to organize and store all of their jewelry so that it is protected as well as easy to find when they need it.


The first thing that you should consider for precious jewelry – especially with vintage and antique earrings that are more delicate and can be more easily damaged that modern pieces – is that caring for these items should be a priority. With this in mind, it is important to store your items in certain quality conditions.


Metals and precious stones are subject to damage from light, moisture, and fluctuating temperature, so it is important that storing high-quality items takes this into consideration. One solution is to keep your items in jewelry boxes that are lined with a breathable material such as cotton, and then put these jewelry boxes in a ventilated place benefiting from a stable, moderate temperature.


Square Dangling Earrings

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Although it can be tempting to have all your gorgeous vintage or antique earrings on display all the time, they will often be subject to light and heat which can erode and damage them, not to mention all the dust and grime that can accumulate on them when they are out of storage.

Instead, aim to do what is best for your most precious earrings and keep them tucked away from damaging factors. For a more convenient option than mentioned above, keep a jewelry box with your items organized neatly in a convenient place. This means that you can access your earrings on a moment’s notice and they are still being cared for when being stored.

Other earrings that are not so precious can be kept in a variety of ways, including on certain hangers and displays. Costume jewelry is generally far less expensive and replaceable than precious stones and metals, so you should feel more relaxed about the damage that will occur to them by being on display all the time.

Furthermore, non-precious stones and metals can even be more resistant to heat, moisture, and sunlight, so you can worry less about the effects that these elements can have. Display cases and stands are often great for chandelier and hoop earringsas this can avoid them getting tangled and keep them hanging in an upright position.


These can be great for viewing your earrings as well as keeping them in good condition and well organized. Indeed, an organization is a major advantage here, as you can choose to hang up your styles according to color, size, shape, and many more factors.


Another option is the little bookcase or drawer style case, which allows you to place your earrings on it, separating them out and organizing them onto different levels. This again is a good choice for chandelier and hoop earrings, and basically any earrings that take up a large amount of space. You can also do a diy organizer case for your earrings and it's easy, cheap, and fun to do.


Stud earrings often take up far less space to store, but problems can arise as they are so small and easy to lose. As before, aim to keep vintage and antique stud earrings in a cool, dry, dark and ventilated space. Again, costume jewelry studs, in general, do not necessitate such a high standard of care.


Studs can often be stored on hanging cards and even in ice cube trays, which helps add a little organization to these items and helps keep them separate. With these items separate from a convenient place to store each pair, it means that it is less likely that you are going to misplace a pair or spend hours trying to find a matching set to wear to your special occasions.