5 Types Of Jewelry You Can Wear As A Man

by Kaye Go on October 31, 2017

Decades ago, only women used to wear jewelry. This is no longer the case. As a man, there is plenty of jewelry in the market that you can go for. Some of the best units to consider are:


The most common rings that most men wear are wedding rings that come in many designs, colors and shapes. As a jewelry lover, you can wear other rings such as class, fraternal, decorative and championship rings. Most men wear one or two rings but experts recommend that you wear as many rings as you feel comfortable with.


Bracelets are of many types. There are functional, medical, cause-related and even decorative bracelets that you can go for. For a great look, go for bracelets that match your masculinity with class. When buying the units, go for those that are thicker than women bracelets. Popular styles that you can go for are: titanium, gold and a host of many others made from tough high-quality metals.


Necklaces are easy to wear as you can easily hide them under your clothing. To create a mystery around you, you should go for units that are unique. There is a lot of debate on the right number of necklaces that you can wear as a man and the right size that you should go for. Experts recommend that you wear a maximum of two necklaces. When it comes to length, you shouldn’t go for a necklace that is longer than 6-8 inches above your navel. To avoid appearing inappropriate be cautious of where you wear the necklace. As rule of thumb avoid wearing it in a business environment. In such a setting hide the necklace from view.


Watches are both functional and fashionable. When making the purchase, buy units that use the Roman numerals. For a manly look, go for watches with metal or leather bands.


Over the last 30 years, earrings have gained a lot of interest. While they appear normal in big cities, they are still frowned upon by many people living in small communities. The cool thing with wearing earrings is that you can remove them if need be.


There is no reason why you shouldn’t look trendy as a man. When buying jewelry, always go for a simple design. With simple designs, you look trendy and at the same time, you avoid attracting a lot of unwanted attention. As rule of thumb, buy from a reputable store.

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