Add A Touch Of Beauty To Your Room With A Macrame Dream Catcher

by Angel Torrejas on September 12, 2017

Dream catchers have without doubt become very popular and they are now available in a wide range of styles and patterns. You can find crotchet, woven or knotted dream catchers. Macramé is a textile making technique that relies largely on knotting rather than knitting or weaving. It is a French word that basically means knot as it is among the oldest art forms there is. Primary knots in this technique are square knots and hitching forms that can either be double half or full hitch.

Macramé is a technique that has been used for the longest time to decorate and craft various products. You can find stunning unique macramé handbags, wall hangings, dream catchers and many others. It is not that complicated to make your own macramé dream catcher especially when you have a few guides to take you through the knots. Once you have mastered the knotting, you will be surprised at just how creative you can get.


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The cords

The cords are the most important items that you will need to make your piece. Cotton twine cords are the most popular because of the overall look they give and you can choose different colors to make a catcher that matches your personal taste. Besides cotton, you can go for other materials like linen, silk, hemp and jute depending on the kind of construction you want to achieve. Some of the cord materials are better for decorative purpose on the dream catcher than they are suitable in making an entire piece.

Cord construction can be 3-ply meaning it is made from three lengths of twisted fiber to give a strong and beautifully shaped dream catcher.

The rings

Macramé dream catchers can be achieved with only wooden joints but in some cases you might need to consider a dowel depending on the size of your piece. A metal or wooden dowel can work well in offering you a good surface to spread dozens of cords so you can easily manipulate them to achieve your desired pattern at the end. If you intend to make smaller ones, then a push pin board, maybe all you need to start on your project.


Even with macramé dream catchers, it is very possible for you to add jewelry and other decorative features on your piece. You can tie the knots decoratively using different cord colors or you can include various beads, shells and pendants to create focal points in your design. You can use straight pins, u-pins or even upholstery to hold the cords and decorations in place. If you intend to use beads and other accessories, then it is wise that you choose cord thickness carefully; very thick cord may not give such an attractive look with the accessories. Thinner strings make it possible for the decorations to stand out in elegance.


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