Amber Jewelry Is Attractive With Embodied Insects

by Kaye Go on September 10, 2017

Ambers are formed over a long period of time. They are formed by the solidification of the sap that trickles down trees. During the process of trickling, it comes across several objects such as insects, feathers, plants, etc. These items get included in the amber and add to the attraction of it. These are fossilized resins that take ages to come into the formation. These natural substances are extremely beautiful and have high demand to be used as gems for making of jewelry. The popularity of amber is not a recent one, and its appeal has come down through the ages for the humans.

Ambers capture a moment of history

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The amber which we see today had been formed hundreds or thousands of years ago. The Amber with insects presents a captured moment of history. Just imagine that the insect you see entangled in the solidified sap was alive a few hundred years ago. It creates a different kind of feeling. It is like capturing a fraction of history within the object. These ambers are highly in demand as they produce a different kind of engrossing effect on the user. It seems like that it has its own story to narrate, the story of its times.

Amber is found in select destinations

Real amber is found in pockets in the entire world. They are found in the countries of the Dominican Republic, some areas in Russia, Latvia and Poland. As there are large demands of Amber for making jewelry items, a separate industry is in place in the processing of amber. There are different variants of amber that are found in different hues which add to the attraction of these objects. The colors of the intriguing blue amber, bright yellow and brown are the sought after items. When natural sunlight passes through these objects, it creates a dazzling effect which is the major charm of these materials.

Learn to identify genuine amber

It is very important that you buy the authentic ambers. When you buy Amber with insects, you must be sure that you are not duped by the seller. The most authentic way of testing whether the piece of amber is genuine or not is to rob the surface of amber so that it gets heated up. If it is real, in the heated condition it becomes charged statically and attracts other small objects. If the amber seems too perfect, it may not be real. It is advisable to know the methods of identifying real amber from the duplicate ones.

It is believed to lift up your spirits

Amber is also believed to possess healing powers. It is widely believed that by wearing amber, you can better your moods. It soothes the stressed out human mind. In case you are upset with something, ambers can help release the negative emotions and bring about a sunny change in your life. It is a highly sought after item, and its value increases if it has a captured object trapped within it.


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