Benefits of Wearing Thai Antique Bracelets

by Kaye Go on September 20, 2017

You probably noticed how today’s market is swamped with all kinds of “good luck charms”. Among all those tokens that are promising miracles, one particular item has become amazingly popular recently. Yes, I am talking about Thai antique glass bracelet and particularly bracelets for women. These are found in the underground of Thailand and it is believed they have strong powers. And no, I am not talking about magical healing powers. I am not trying to convince you that this bracelet can cure cancer. It simply cannot cure cancer, not even a common cold for that matter, but what this little thing can do for you may be even more significant. I want to tell you how this bracelet makes you feel inside. It may sound ridiculous believing that an object, a piece of glass can turn your whole world around, but trust me. That is exactly what this accessory is going to do for you. First of all, this bracelet is made of glass and glass is known to be an ancient material. Man made glass objects have been found in ancient Mesopotamia as early from as 4500 years BC. Even then it has been considering that glass has special powers. It is made from all four elements: water, air, molten silica that is through fire returned to its earthly state. Glass represents the energy of transformation and rebirth. Healing and spiritual powers of glass are widely known.

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When I first got this Thai antique bracelet, from a friend who has visited this amazingly beautiful country, it is not enough to say I was in a bad shape. I was a wreck. I was depressed because of my job. My five-year-old relationship has ended and basically, everything went south. At that moment, I would have believed in pretty much anything. I had good bracelets for women wearing around my wrist at first just because it was a present and I didn’t want to offend my friend but then I started noticing some weird things. I didn’t find another boyfriend nor a new job, if that is what you were thinking, I have to disappoint you. But day by day I started feeling lighter. Better. You know, it was like I was storing all that negative energy inside of me and it was disabling me to think clearly and to live normally and now all of a sudden it started releasing me. I was on my way to becoming free. I was a skeptic before but this thing really got me intrigued. I looked up for mystical power of glass and I could easily connect the dots. I felt much relaxed, much happier and much more confident. It felt exactly like I was born again but now as a person who actually feels good in her skin.

Not only that this wonderful and now I can easily say miraculous, bracelet made me feel better it also made me feel more beautiful. It is definitely a must have fashion accessory for this summer. It goes very well with everything you have and it will make you feel and look more attractive than you ever thought you could.


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