Handcrafted Jewellery - A Unique Way To Add More Style

by Kaye Go on September 05, 2017

Jewelry is considered as the most common weakness of every woman, as women of all ages love to adorn themselves with several ornaments. Earlier, women used to love wearing precious ornaments made of gold and silver. But now, it has become risky to wear these costly jewelry and also many young women dislike wearing such these heavy metal jewelry. Hence, the modern style of wearing handmade jewelry has gained immense popularity.

Red Coral Turquoise Rock Stone Gold Plated Beads Multi Strand Rope Bracelet

This Red Coral Turquoise Stone Gold Plated Beads Rock Multi Strand Rope Bracelet is a beautiful hand

Various kinds of attractive handmade jewelry pieces

There are several kinds of handcrafted jewelry, made from simple and inexpensive materials; like paper, wood and clay.

  • The terracotta ornaments, made of clay is an ancient art that is back in fashion and loved by all women, for their excellent artistic designs. These earthen jewelry are used as the latest party-wear, mainly during the hot summer days.
  • The paper-made ornaments or the Quilled jewelry are the latest kind of accessories, which are loved for their colorful appearances and extremely light weight. Various Quilled earrings, pendants and ear studs, made of paper and acrylic colors, have become the part of the daily wear of today’s busy women.
  • Typical costume jewelry made of beads, crystals and glass sequences are the favorite accessories of the women, who love both grandeur and style. These jewelry pieces also sometimes resemble the old-fashioned heavy and gem-studded ornaments in appearance.
  • Several plastic or Lac ornaments are adored for the wide variety of colors and designs, as well as the shimmering glamour of these sleek jewelry.
  • Lots of junk jewelry are also made of shells, animal bones and horns; which impart a traditional, as well as fashionable look to the wearers.
  • The lightweight wood is also used in crafting beautiful jewelry pieces, with intrinsic designs and attractive shapes.
  • Many young girls also love to wear ornaments, made of leather, silk or any type of gorgeous fabric, which look elegant and stylish on any woman who wears them on a special occasion.

Several benefits of wearing handcrafted jewelry

As all these different types of handmade jewelry pieces are made of mainly natural materials, like paper or clay or wood; these ornaments are considered as environment-friendly and also these articles do not cause the factory pollution, as they are totally made by hand. These junk jewelry are affordable even by the women from poor economic backgrounds, due to the low costs of these items. The women can also buy as much jewelry as they wish, due to the cheap prices of these items.

The increased popularity of the handcrafted jewelry has improved the financial conditions of the poor artisans, who create these amazing artifacts. Many people have found a new source of earning by making these different kinds of costume jewelry pieces.

So to add a new style and jazz to your ensemble, try handmade jewelry today!


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