Jewellery Made From Drawings, Doodles, Fingerprints, Footprints or Handprints

by Kaye Go on October 06, 2017

Fingerprint jewellery is such a great idea and so special to give a loved one as it’s so personalised. You can now get handprints, footprints and paw prints miniaturised and put onto a gorgeous silver piece to cherish forever. There is a wide range of beautiful jewellery for women out there, like pendants and charms and it’s not just for the ladies as there are great things for men too like cufflinks and key rings.

Boho Shiny Gold Ethnic Coin Charm Tribal Tibetan Metal Chain Wide Cuff Bracelet

This adjustable boho shiny gold ethnic coin charm cuff bracelet for women is an alluring piece of je

But the fact your child can do a drawing for you and you can have this made into a treasured keepsake is truly fantastic!!

It’s so simple to get done. All you need to do is find a jewellery company that does artwork jewellery and you can scan a copy and email it to the company or post a photocopy, where with a bit of magic it can be shrunk down, turned into a mould or stamp, then subsequently pressed into the fine silver clay. Once the clay has dried it can be fired into a gorgeous silver piece of jewellery. The clay used is called PMC and is fine silver which is 99.9% pure silver. You could use your children’s first written words (I love you Mummy) or first doodles (first flower or car) or even their first family portrait! That one’s definitely a keeper. You don’t have to worry about the paper being ripped as it will be forever engraved into a timeless silver piece.

For the best results it usually works much better to have a black and white print that is bold and simple but you can always ask the jeweller if your picture is suitable, most will do a free assessment for you. The majority of companies are there to make something special for you and will help in any way, knowing the piece has great sentimental value to you already. For this reason I wouldn’t post an original incase it was to get lost, always send a photocopy or e-mail.

All these lovely keepsakes last a lifetime and beyond as they can be given as family heirlooms and treasured by generations. They seem really popular with baby’s but you can just as easily have one made of an adult you love. I for one would have loved a picture my dad drew as a child to wear as a pendant.

I wonder where technology will take us to next and what the future might hold for jewellery someday. I can’t wait to find out.


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